Governor  Dannel P. Malloy

Second Injury Fund


Adopted June 15, 2011


Pursuant to Section 31-349e of the Connecticut General Statutes, the Second Injury Fund Advisory Board (Board) is charged with the responsibility of advising the State Treasurer, as Custodian of the Second Injury Fund (Fund), on matters concerning the operation of the Fund.


The Advisory Board is comprised of eight members. The statutes provide that the State Treasurer appoint six of the members with three of those members representing employers and insurers who pay assessments into the Fund. Three such members appointed by the State Treasurer shall represent employees receiving benefits paid or reimbursed by the Fund. The two remaining members shall be the chairs of the Labor and Public Employees Committee of the General Assembly.

The six members appointed by the State Treasurer shall serve a term of four years from January 1st in the year of their appointment. The two members of the General Assembly shall serve as long as they remain chairs of the Labor and Public Employees Committee. Any vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the term in the same manner as the appointment.


In cases where an appointed member of the Advisory Board cannot attend an Advisory Board meeting, that member may designate an alternate to attend the meeting in their place. Such member must present a written Proxy to the Fund authorizing the alternate's participation. Alternate's attendance will be recorded for purposes of establishing a quorum and alternates will be allowed to vote on all matters before the Board.


The Advisory Board shall meet no less than twice a year in any calendar year. The State Treasurer or her designee shall set the date, time and place of the meetings of the Board. Meetings may be held via teleconference upon consent of a quorum.

Election of Chairperson

The Advisory Board shall, at the first meeting of the Board on or after January of the year following appointments of members, elect a chairperson.

Duties of Officers

The Chairman shall be responsible primarily for conducting the meetings of the Board. The State Treasurer shall assign staff to assist the Chairperson of the Board in carrying out their responsibilities.


A quorum of four members is necessary to conduct a meeting. The quorum shall be established by a roll call of the membership. Duly designated alternates shall be included in the quorum count.


All actions of the Advisory Board require four affirmative votes for action. Duly designated alternates may vote on all matters presented to the Board for a vote so long as a proxy form was submitted prior to the meeting. All votes will be included in the minutes of the meetings. In cases where a vote ends in a tie, the matter shall be deemed not approved.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda will be available to the public. Board members desiring to add items to the agenda must do so in writing and submit them to the State Treasurer or his designee no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting. However, an item can be added to agenda at the meeting under suspension of the rules.

Freedom of Information

All meetings of the Second Injury Fund are open to the public and the schedule of meetings will be filed with the Secretary of the State in accordance with the provision of Section 1-21 of the Connecticut General Statutes. The agenda and minutes of the meeting will be available to the public through the Office of the State Treasurer in accordance with state law. All proceedings shall be conducted and records maintained in accordance with the provision of the Freedom of Information statutes.

Parliamentary Procedures and Rules

Notwithstanding applicable state statutes, all parliamentary procedures, rules and questions of the Advisory Board not covered in these operating procedures shall be subject to Robert's Rules of Order.