Governor  Dannel P. Malloy

Unclaimed Property

Forms & Instructions

Reporting Forms & Instructions    (Updated July 2016)

  1. General Reporting Instructions
  2. Holder Report Cover Sheet
  3. Electronic Holder Reporting System - You have the option of 2 free software products when reporting in Connecticut.
    1. HRS Pro - provided by ACS Wagers.  Excel Template is downloaded onto holder's desktop. All data is maintained by the holder on the holder's computer.
      • HRS Pro is an Excel based program which allows holders to file using an electronic report in NAUPA format. You may use the downloaded Excel template or input directly into the software. Connecticut encourages you to use the template and import the data file into the software.
        • After reporting using HRS Pro, make a paper file copy and an electronic file copy for your records. Copy/burn the electronic hde file onto CD-ROM and submit it with payment, as well as the signed, notarized cover sheet
        • If you use HRS Pro to complete your report, please send the hde file to Connecticut, even if the report only has one or two items on it. Loading electronically into the database is preferable to manually entering properties.
        • If you need help with this software, email Cathy Kristof at
    2. Eagle Technology Management's 's UPExchange  
      • Eagle's Help Desk Support Contact for ongoing product support for UPExchange is
      • NOTE: Connecticut does not participate in the Eagle/UPExchange initiative for automatic delivery.  You must copy file to CD-ROM and submit to state.
  4. Holder Reporting Extension Request Form
  5. Property Codes with Dormancy Periods
  6. Acceptable Owner Relationship Codes (with definitions) and Owner Type Codes
  7. Verification & Checklist Form (for your documentation only; do not send to Connecticut) Use the Holder Report Cover Sheet for filing.
  8. Form ST77 (Manual Reporting for Three or Less Properties)
  9. Due Diligence
  10. Holder Reimbursement Request Form
  11. First Time Reporting
  12. Holder Instructions for Negative Reporting
  13. Reporting and Delivery of Cash Property
  14. Reporting and Delivery of Securities/DRP Property
  15. Reporting Physical Certificates, Worthless, Privately Held, Delisted, Non-Transferable Securities
  16. Reporting and Delivery of Safe Deposit Box Contents and Proceeds
  17. Reporting IOLTA Accounts

Revised: February 2016